Hello! It's been a while.


It’s been quite some time that I’ve done an intro.  So, hello to everyone that’s new to my blog and hello again to everyone who knows that girl holding the camera. I’m Rachel :D As you can tell from my feed, I’m not often in front of the camera.  I much prefer to be creatively scheming behind it, but sometimes, a bride asks for a fun mirror selfie with you while getting ready for the biggest day of her life and you happily oblige - and end up loving the photo so much (also, kind of in-front-of and behind the camera at the same time on this one - tricky tricky!)  One of the most amazing feelings is knowing that, throughout the wedding planning process - between coffee dates, text messages, engagement sessions and being with a bride the whole day of her wedding - you’ve become friends. 

I love that part: connecting with brides and building that relationship so they know that - they can not only trust you to capture their most important day - but they can lean on you for advice, suggestions, or a text message anytime to ask a question or to share something they’re excited about. 

If you can’t tell - I love what I do. . . capturing the little things and the big feelings.