If you can't tell just by scrolling through these photos, my photography style is journalistic. I love telling the story of a wedding day through capturing - not just the main events of the day - but also the briefest of moments and tiniest of details. 

I love when my clients marvel over the capture of tears, just beginning to brim; the squeeze of hands when the bride's parents listen to their daughter say her vows, remembering their own from many years ago; or a behind-the-scenes moment the couple had no clue was happening, but can now cherish forever. 

I'm inspired by new places and I thrive with free reigns for creativity. There's nothing a creative entrepreneur values more than the full trust of their clients to just do your thing and to, not just document their day, but to create ART. 

Because not all couples desire the same amount of coverage, I offer a variety of wedding packages.  Let's chat! Tell me what you have planned!

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