Let's just say what we're all thinking: having your photo taken doesn't always come easy when you're standing in front of a stranger, doing your best to look like you're just having the sweetest, most heartfelt moment with your person. So hey - let's not be strangers! Let's get to know one other! That way, when it's time for you to stand in front of my camera, it won't feel awkward.  

Throw out all the nerve-wracking ideas of what having your photo taken might be like and just BE. I want to see your love for what it is, uniquely. Is it a quirky love that's full of laughter and inside jokes? Is it Nicholas Sparks, hopelessly romantic and mushy? Is it teasing and quippy and sarcastic? No matter what "kind" of love it is - it's YOUR love - and that's what makes it beautiful. Think about all the reasons you love each other; why you're here and how you got here in the first place.  If you do that - it'll be a breeze. I promise. 


Let me tell you this: wedding days are a whirlwind - an exciting, beautiful whirlwind. There's so much anticipation for one day to be perfect and magical, and - while I sincerely hope that your day is everything you've dreamed of (and more), it's only the beginning of the dream. My job is to help you remember to soak it all in - to sit and bask in those moments and to not let them pass right by.  Every love deserves its own pause and a few quiet, giddy moments.  

We'll talk about all the details leading up to the day, so you'll get plenty of information beforehand.  We'll go over your timeline and all the things you want.  I want to be as helpful as possible, so ask me all the questions.  

You'll get your images back within two months of your wedding day (but it’s usually less than that.) As soon as they're done, you'll see the images immediately, via your beautifully laid-out online gallery.  Shortly after, you'll get a package in the mail from yours truly with a custom-engraved flash drive of images, among a few other things I like to include. *I love surprises*

No two couples wants are the same, so it would be silly to assume the same amount of coverage would fit just right for everyone.  For these reasons, I offer several packages - with one and two shooter options. If none of the packages fit the mold; if you’re eloping or having a destination wedding - or booking me from afar - I’ll create a custom package just for you.  

Want to know more? 

Wedding Discounts

As a thank you to past + current military members and active LEOs, a 10% discount is applied to your wedding package of choice. 

I also have a bucket list discount! Take a look, here, to see what I mean. Crossing something off my bucket list is grounds for striking deals!

I'm located in the Lancaster/Lebanon area, but I never hesitate to hop on a plane!  I've shot in many different states - and am so inspired when I get to travel to new places.


I include engagement sessions in most of my packages because they are so important to me.  They are a great time to get to know one another before the wedding day and have some fun.  I've found that the wedding day is much more organic if we've done an engagement session, prior - and I'm in the business of making friends, not just clients. 

This is the magic of an engagement session. 

I know, I know - sometimes, when one of you really doesn’t like your photo being taken, convincing them to do an engagement session can be exhausting!  But I can assure you - I always make it a fun and comfortable experience - with drinks beforehand, if you’re game! At the end of an e-sesh with clients who don’t like their photo being taken, they always walk away saying, “Well that wasn’t at all what I thought it’d be like - I actually had fun!”  

That’s my goal.

* Need outfit suggestions? Try these out.  

maternity | Birth | Fresh 48 | newborn

These sessions are so very near and dear to my heart. This time in your life cannot be compared to any other.  The anticipation and arrival of your little one are filled with emotion and excitement and love - and teeny, tiny adorable details. 

My goal is to show each mama I photograph how beautiful she is.  You're creating life! You're bringing a perfect, tiny human into this world - what's not beautiful about that? 

If there's one thing I wish I would've done when I had my daughter, it would have been to have a photographer capture those moments. So, this is something I'm so passionate about. Capturing the raw beauty and emotion of your birth story and the strong mama that you are during labor - or those first few days and sweet little details in the hospital after baby is here (and those perfect little fingers and toes you can't stop kissing) - it's something I live to capture. 

Because I'm a lifestyle photographer, my newborn sessions are not in a studio. I want to capture the sweet, candid moments in the comfort of your own home - of baby by themselves, and also with their new family.

I do offer combo packages for these sessions.

See some of my work, here


Not a fan of boring studio senior portraits? Or are you just looking to have photos taken? I love creating a fun portrait experience  - with several locations and multiple outfit changes.  I'll walk you through everything while taking your photos, so that "posing" comes effortlessly to you, and doesn't actually look like posing. You'll look (and feel) like a model at the end of the session.

Images are available for download via digital album within 2 weeks of the session.

See some of my recent sessions, here.