Photography bucket list

locations & themes 

Incorporating any of these? Let's talk!

I'm known to strike deals.

Let's start with engagements

  • Knoebel’s - because how amazing would a date night at a vintage amusement park be? Cotton candy, merry go rounds + strolling through the grove?! Count. Me. In.

  • Flea market fun (Let's have fun exploring all the interesting, eclectic and vintage treasures)

  • An "in-home" or Airbnb engagement session (snuggles, pillow fights - I’ll actually bring down pillows to burst! - and cookie baking in an adorably styled flat, like The Fahnestock House or Renew on Walnut, for example. Both in downtown Lancaster)

  • Sweet summertime county fair engagement session (I'm thinking swing rides, candy apples, ring toss, overstuffed animal prizes and alpacas. OMG)

  • Rollerskating rink engagement (Vintage feel with the old leather skates (not roller blades), holding hands and sharing a root beer float - so cute, guys)

  • Taughannock Falls, New York. Google it: you’re welcome. And it’s close enough to not be an overnight trip!

  • Thrifting. For the funky couple who gets giddy over sorting through racks of ridiculous things, willing to have a silly fashion show and just have a blast.

  • Antiquing. Similar to the latter, but moodier, because who doesn’t love a exploring a mysterious antique shop with hidden treasures?!

  • Boardwalk amusement park - Ride all the rides, eat all the food, then we’ll head down to the beach for sunset… all the fun, summery vibes.

  • Any National Park - I want to get to every Nat. Park. So, majuhhh discount if you take me out to one of them for an engagement experience.

  • Got horses? Date night with your honey (and professional 3rd wheel, yours truly) - riding around, laying in a pasture, taking the horses in a stream. Make all my western dreams come true.

Destination Weddings

  • Anywhere I'll need to stamp my passport. Bonus points for Iceland, Ireland, Scotland or Morocco.

In the US

  • Pacific Northwest (Oregon? Washington? Upper Cali? Let's go!)

  • Out West - UT, MT, CO, WY, AZ

  • Down South - and by "down South," I mean Spanish-moss-south. Bonus points if ceremony is under a giant, moss-covered tree!

  • In a National Park

Where else?

  • In a forest

  • On a mountaintop

  • In front of a waterfall

  • On a rooftop

Specific venues

Themes & other things

  • Wedding alpacas/llamas (so cute! please google so you can see the adorableness for yourself)

  • Bridal bounce house + couple that's happy to jump! (pretty white one - not the kiddy primary-colored ones)

  • Silent disco!!!

  • Food trucks for dinner

  • Barefoot/minimalist wedding

  • Bride & Groom over 75 years young


  • Planning an intimate or adventurous elopement? Let's chat! I'm all for third-wheeling on a fun getaway!