Abby & Zach's adventurous e-sesh

It's been so long since I blogged, and I've photographed so many wonderful people such beautiful love that I literally wasn't sure where to start. So naturally, I asked my child to pick one picture (I had a dozen for her to choose from) and she chose this e-sesh.

Zach and Abby. SUCH. TROOPERS, y'all! I warned them it was a hike. Especially taking things slow to avoid getting sweaty. And they did it with such grace and smiles on their face the entire time. Want to know the most insane part?! At one point, when they were in the stream alongside a giant wall of mountain laurel, Abby grabbed onto the Laurel to steady herself and a SNAKE... a flippin' SNAKE fell out of the laurel right in front of Zach. We screamed (Abby + I. Zach was cool as a cucumber), we laughed, and we decided we had enough photos in front of the mountain laurel wall ;)

I am SO excited for their wedding next October - not only because I know it will be gorgeous, but because their love is infectious and just being around them, together - you can't help but smile.